What To Expect

Consultation & Exam

Your First Visit to Our Williamsburg City Practice

An in-depth consultation and examination are vital in determining a patient’s current health status and medical history. These help ascertain a patient’s level of health and help develop the appropriate care plan. During the first visit all necessary X-rays will be taken.

Precision X-ray

Your Chiropractic Spinal Correction

After the doctor has studied your health history, analyzed your films, and correlated your examination findings, she will review the X-rays with you and discuss expectations about your relief and recovery.

During this visit you will receive your first spinal correction. The adjustment is painless with no popping or twisting of the spine. Each adjustment experience and healing response is unique to the individual. People describe feeling various sensations such as: lighter, looser, clearer, easier breathing, more balanced, etc…

Precision Treatment

Maintaining Your Health Through Regular Care

When dealing with spinal misalignment, the integrity of the musculature and ligaments has been compromised, and you must allow adequate time for these structures to heal in the aligned position. The longer your spine has been out of alignment, the more possible damage has occurred, and therefore, the more time required for healing. Talk with the doctor to find out more specifically what you can expect during the healing process of your condition.

Symptoms occur after years of altered function. Prevention is always better than reactive, distress care. Symptoms are the last sign to show up, so a symptom-free state does not necessarily mean that your spine is in alignment nor does it mean that complete healing has been achieved.

In addition, we may recommend a safe, pain-free laser treatment to aid in your healing.

Want to know how your misalignment is affecting your body?

Are you suffering? Is your body telling you that something is wrong and isn’t working properly? Explore a different approach to maintaining health.
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